LIBTRALO Conducts Training of Trainers Workshop


LIBTRALO Conducts a series of Training of Trainers Workshop in Nimba and Bomi Counties.

At last the first of the long delayed series of workshops to Train Mother Tongue Literacy Trainers got underway in the Maan Language communty in Lower Nimba County on June 3 and was concluded on the 5th in the Gbeyee District headquarter town of Duoyee. These workshops were led by the Literacy Coordinator, Nyanatee K. Sayon and Jaa Ngaima Kawala.

Maan training of trainers’ workshop started in the church but moved outdoors because of the heat.


Participant demonstrating in the Maan workshop.

   Participant demonstrates how to help a struggling learner how to write in the Dan workshop.
Learning how to write in the Maan workshop

The second in these series of workshops was held from June 8-10, 2020 in the Dan Language area of Karnplay City, headquarters of Gbehlay Geh District bordering the Ivory Coast. Many Dan speakers in this part of the Ivory Coast who interact with the Dan in Liberia have expressed the desire to join the literacy classes to learn how to read and write Dan. Literacy Coordinators came from 5 surrounding districts to attend this workshop. Fifteen (15) participants (11 males and 4 females) were in attendance.


Mr. Kawala during a session in Dan Workshop.          


Nyanatee facilitating a class of prospective Dan LLEME teachers.


The third of these workshops was held in Klay city, Bomi County on June 18. This workshop was limited to one day because there were several covid-19 related activities going on in surrounding areas. Ten male prospective trainers attended.

Workshop topic focused on Andragogy, the method of teaching adults. The topic was well assimilated by participants as was demonstrated by them during practice sessions, culminating in a very rewarding experience for all. This raised the spirits of prospective trainers to begin classes as soon as possible.

Kawala facilitating a session in the Gola Workshop.

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